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AI driven behavioral analysis

State-of-the-art deep learning model for object detection and tracking

Enhanced Zone Monitoring for Precise Behavioral Analysis

Discover the power of customized zones in your rodent behavioral studies with Glia Science. Our advanced system tracks real-time movements, allowing you to focus on specific areas for detailed observation. Whether it’s a feeding zone, a maze, or a social interaction area, our precise zone monitoring sharpens your research insights, ensuring accurate and focused behavioral analysis.


Get perfect results in behavior

Specifically trained on rodent and animal mazes for easy data collection

  • Novel object recognition
  • Alternation mazes
  • Fear conditioning
  • Most behavioral protocols
  • Customized protocols for free


State of the art machine learning

Step into the future of rodent behavioral studies with Glia Science, where precision meets efficiency. Our state-of-the-art AI technology elevates your research by focusing solely on the rodent behavioral movements that matter, eliminating irrelevant distractions from your analysis.

Automated detection

Automatic individual detection means you don’t need to predefine the subject. Multiple subjects are easy. Just plug and play.